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Here is something interesting… from LinkedIn Lab’s InMaps.

Using your LinkedIn network the application will attempt to encode several clusters of connections using color coded values where you can label the different groups of connections in your network yourself. This is terrific for identofying “centers of inlfluence” – larger circles within a group show the people who are most connected within each cluster.  Over time this can also be used to visually confirm Reed’s law for your own network. The clusters formed around the centers of influence in your network really do pop off the image, and delivers an easy to undersand visualization of the well known social “network effect”. 

 The results will depend entirely on the size and reach of your own LinkedIn network. Warning, a large network will take some time to examine and prepare the result set for you. In my own network (almost 1,000 connections) this takes quite a long tine. Thankfully, the application can render this in the background at LinkedIn Labs and issue you an email when complete. Each dot can be hovered over and cllicked to examine the identity and content of each LinekdIn connection plotted in the diagram in a handy sidebar channel.

Haven’t really figured out what to make of all this yet, but the visualization of my LinkedIn account sure looks pretty. 

I’m sure as this matures, there will be several uses for this application to help identify opportunities to connect with other people, either within a cluster or between clusters. The real value to me (short-sighted as it may be) was confirming and validating the network effect (centers of influence) among my own LinkedIn community using this social network visualization application.


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